Empathy and Disinterestedness

Author: Stine86Engel (via pixabay)

Generally, we parents adore our children, of course we do. It doesn’t mean, however, that we feel this incredible love every single minute of our life. Nope.

There are moments when we can’t help but dream about sending our offspring to the furthest planet in the universe, for a time indefinite.

In practice, we’re more down-to-earth though, so we limit ourselves to shy attempts at stealing an hour, half an hour, or at least a quarter an hour WITHOUT OUR CUTIES around.

How wonderful it is when kiddos are empathic enough to understand their parents’ natural need and show them lots of unconditional support and assistance. How wonderful to have such kids. How wonderful.

On our holidays in Albania we spent a lovely time at a campsite on the outskirts of Vlora ( a very attractive tourist city full of stunning beaches, clubs, restaurants and discos). Near the campsite beach there was a charming terraced café, ideal for a romantic tête-à-tête. My hubby and I yearned for good coffee and a little time ALONE, just the two of us.

So we asked our children to wait for 15 minutes or so on deckchairs on the shore while we relaxed together in the café near enough to see one another anyway.

That’s what we received in response :

Our daughter Carol shook her head vigorously, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU MUST BE NUTS! NO WAY! NOT IN THIS LIFE! I couldn’t stand a minute alone with this monster!”

Timmy frowned, “Hmmm…Actually, I can bear anyTHING, any EVIL, even Carol, but only with a huge chocolate cone ice-cream in my hand. Yummy, yummy. Three fifty in the café you want to go to. I’ve already checked the price!”

How wonderful.

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The piece above is another one of a few summer holiday memoirs I’m going to publish on my medium profile page in the month of September. Yes, I know, autumn is coming and the general spirit has shifted to all matters connected thereof, but I can’t somehow reconcile myself to the fact I’ve come back to my country to fall into the usual daily routine. I’d rather daydream about summertime and all the fun we had there. So if you’re willing to daydream with me and simply relax, smile, chuckle or guffaw, stay tuned!

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Marta Mozolewska

Marta Mozolewska

translator, mother of two naughty kids, and writer in the meantime, marta.mozolewska333@gmail.com