Assistance for a decrepit father

Marta Mozolewska
1 min readAug 7, 2020


Photo by Johnny Cohen (via unsplash)

My husband is a keen motorcyclist. He claims his life can be divided into two parts, one before and the other after owning a motorbike. And we are all reminded of his keenness much too often.

Yesterday, when John was trying to top-up our daughter’s cellular phone, I overheard this conversation:

John: Carol, tell me your card number once again.

Carol: Jeeeez, dad! Again? How many times should I repeat it? Are you SO old?

John: Well, undoubtedly, I’m getting older and older, which means lots of inconvenience to you. Get used to that!

Carol rolls her eyes behind his back.

John: I do hope that when I become really old, like REALLY old, you WILL help your decrepit father…to get on his Yamaha Road Star, ha?

Carol and I rolled our eyes in response.

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