Poetry Sunday

Source: In Lieu In View Photography (via unsplash)

When others laugh,
I measure the length,
the power, the depth
of their laughter.
When you laugh,
I just join in and
let the joy fill me
until bursting.

When others lie,
I bite my lower lip
amused and ready
to draw any conclusions
working to my advantage.
If you lied,
I’d watch all the light
go out on the way down
into a deep, dark abyss.
But that never happens
as when you lie
it’s only for pure fun.

When others attack,
I pull out my swords
and knives to sharpen them
in preparation for a war
the world has never seen before.

How to support your kid

Author: Nick Page (via unsplash)

I’m so very proud of my little son (9 years of age). He’s managed to get into the football league via a local sports club! He’s been training football for a few years now, dreaming about the league all the time. Recently his dream has come true! Yay! He’s proud, I’m proud! He’s happy, I’m happy, and as supportive as I can be. A question pops up, however, whether I’m actually able to provide my son with all the support he needs. …

Poetry Sunday

Photo by Gary Barnes (via Pexels)

Forever is impossible.
You’ve got your bonds,
fevers and musts,
I’ve got mine
on Planet Earth
so far away from
your galaxy.

If forever’s impossible,
give me just one day
with you somewhere
miles from prying eyes,
black-and-white judgments.

On a day like that
we’d stroll down streets
in a nameless city,
in no hurry at all,
keeping the pace
slow and relaxed,
holding boldly hands,
immersed in a carefree laughter
and unguarded conversations.

On a day like that
I wouldn’t crave for fireworks
which explode once only
to get sucked in by the void.
I need us to pretend this day
to be one…

Smartphone abused by an unwanted party

Photo by asderknaster (via pixabay)

Recently I’ve purchased a new smartphone. You probably realize how important it is to make the right settings at the very beginning, when you’re still excited enough about your new gadget to show any interest and willingness to learn about its operation. When you don’t do it quickly, the enthusiasm passes, you get used to the novelty and have to manage with what you set up earlier, no matter if it was rational, useful or pragmatic. Later you don’t care and don’t give a damn. That’s at least what happens in my case.

Taking advantage of my early curiosity in…

Think twice!

Author: Malicki M Beser (via unsplash)

If you think paying compliments is simple, easy and pleasant, think twice as it seems more like a sophisticated kind of art requiring a lot of skill, mindfulness and cleverness. Thus, if you display a generally carefree attitude with regard to saying nice things to everybody around, you’re highly likely to get into trouble when your compliment suddenly turns into something quite the opposite.

Just like in the case of my customer a few days ago.

The charming lady came into my office to hand over some documents for translation (as I work as a translator). At a certain point…

Poetry Sunday

Photo by adamtepl (via pixabay)

I’ve never thought
it possible.
That we’d ever meet again.
It was ten years ago or so
when we fell in love.

Oh, did we?
Many meetings
filled with conversations,
mainly business ones,
Yet zillions of secret glances
like quick passionate kisses
ending in sudden blushes,
hot showers of shivers
and subtle smiles hiding
wildest dreams impossible.
That’s all we had.
Not much, yet such a lot.

And now what?
Here we are again.
Face to face.
Ten years later or so.
The time passed has only
sharpened the intriguing
in you and now you look
just more alluring.
And me? I’m rounder here
and there, more wrinkled…

Brief parenting class

Source: distelAPPArath (via pixabay)

Isn’t it lovely (and necessary) to spend some quality time with your teenage daughter, when you watch her act nobly (1), listen to her wise judgment (2), prove you know her so damn well (3), hear her quote so aptly (4) and, in the end, you join her in the action in order to build the history together by sharing the exact same experience (5)?

Well, as a perfect parent, I feel obliged to teach you a lesson about what quality time truly means, so that you’ve no doubt about that, by providing you with an ideal example of such…

Marta Mozolewska

translator, mother of two naughty kids, and writer in the meantime, marta.mozolewska333@gmail.com

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